Friday, February 4, 2011

Every mouse needs a pad

Make your mouse happy give it some Sausage.


Who wants their mouse's balls tickled by the delicate fingers of Sausage?

That even creeped me out so I will rephrase that as:

Our company has an overstock of mouse pads that we use for giveaways for the photography business, they will be liquidated online next week. I have set 5 pieces aside to be given away to the readers of this blog.
What's the catch you wonder, simply answer the following 5 questions correctly and 1 Sausage Fingers mouse pad will be yours. Free of course and the postage paid by the offices of Sausage Fingers, Inc.

You might be saying to yourself "Who the hell wants that piece of crap?"
Well if you are anything like me you will be happy with something free, especially in this economy.

E-mail you answers to: 
I will announce the 5 winners next week.

The clues are all in the posts

1. Where was I born - start with an easy one.

2. What's my real name  - Dig deep all you social media freaks.

3. What football  team do I support (Soccer for the yanks) -  Refer to question #1.

4. What is my Father-in-law's name - Think of  "Houston we have a problem."

5. What were my 20's all about - Think about Ian Dury and the Blockheads

Good luck to all and happy hunting.
Cheers, Sausage....


  1. Hey SF.

    1. Scotland. :-)
    2. Real name? You have a real name? Hmmm. Ian?
    3. Scotland United. :-) Yeah. I made that up.;
    4. Glen? Tom Hanks?
    5. Drinking, making music...


    The Hot Toddy worked wonderfully, btw. :-) I had two.

  2. sliding on in from a blog hop

    1. New Jersey (say anything bad and I might kick your ass.
    2. Mrs. Tuna (Trust me on this)
    3. I have to go with american football, don't know anything about soccer, sorry.
    4. Dead man walking
    5. I had electric shock therapy and can't remember.

  3. Pearlie Pearl - 1 out of 4 aint bad.
    Drinking and making music?? are you stereotyping me because of answer #1.

  4. oh god why am i just finding this blog now?!?!?!

  5. 1) Scotland
    2) Fred
    3) Dundee Football Club
    4) Chuck
    5) Sex Drugs and Bagpipes?

  6. Gods own country
    The mighty Bairns
    Madchester, you're twisting my mellow man!!!

  7. 1) In a hospital
    2) Lorne
    3) The team that has the smaller debt on Tannadice Street
    4) Whitney
    5) Waste disposal

  8. Screw the questions, I think knowing you're Scottish is good enough, I live with one of my own for goodness sakes! Oh well, I am a team player so here you go:

    1. Where was I born - Dundee.

    2. What's my real name -Sausage Fingers isn't it?

    3. What football team do I support -Dundee United.

    4. What is my Father-in-law's name - James

    5. What were my 20's all about -Sex and mullets

  9. My mouse abhors a mat, but I can't help trying the questions anyway:
    1: Dundee, after they ran out of whales but before Frank Gehry.

    2: Gerald.

    3: Celtic.

    4: Pedro.

    5: Stuffed sausage skins.

  10. Eryl -
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. HELL NO (refer to question #1, you get a girl pass for that one)
    4. Nope.
    5. Close but no.

  11. Fuck! I missed this one.

    1. Where was I born - Where they make Johnny Walker whiskey - Killie aka Kilmarnock.

    2. What's my real name - Gillian Hefer (nee Morris) aka A Daft Scots Lass aka Duracell aka Doughnut.

    3. What football team do I support? Killie or Glasgow Rangers.

    4. What is my Father-in-law's name - Sam fire-up-the-grill FIL

    5. What were my 20's all about - sex, drugs, rock 'n roll and P-A-R-T-whY? coz I gotta!