Wednesday, February 9, 2011

And The Weiners Are.....

 The ballots are all counted, the tuxedos and evening gowns are ready for the show, the limos and the ladies are waxed and presentable. The awards banquet is tonight and all the blogstars will be in attendance.
The first annual evening of Sausage... not a gay porn but rather the awarding of the 5 Sausage Fingers mouse pads for the winners of the Every mouse needs a pad contest.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce your host for the evening - Mr. Ricky Gervais. (Sounds of audience clapping, some booing)
Hold on folks I have just been handed a note and it seems that Mr. Gervais has been deported.
Oh well I better do this myself, here goes.

The first award of the night is given to
Mrs. Tuna  For her answer of question # 5 what were my 20's all about
her answer was: I had electric shock therapy and can't remember.
where are the men in white coats when you need them?

The next  mouse pad goes to Pearl from Pearl, why you little...
for her answer of question #2 what team do I support
her answer was: Scotland United.
Swinging for the fences and a complete shot in the dark, she almost got it 100%
Not realizing that her answer is a combo of club and country, nice one Pearl.

The next award recipient is Mike Smith from Auld Reekie Rants
for his answer to question #2 what is my real name
his answer: Lorne.
How the bloody hell did you guess? Actually my name is not Lorne but it made me think of
Lorne Greene who was a damn fine Canadian, eh.

The fourth mouse pad award goes to Ryan at Scotland here and now
for his answer to question #1 where was I born
his answer: God's own country. aka Scotland - yeah for us our teams are shite but our weather is great :)
Even though the Sausage Fingers blog is a religion free zone, I must side with homeboy with Gods' country.
As Gran used to say during our visit to the highlands "Och its bra and bonny doon there"

The fifth and final mouse pad is awarded to Some Chilean Woman
for her answer to question #5 what were my twenties all about
her answer: sex and mullets !
How did she know that my emulation of Hannah Montana's pop was the reason for my sausage link to be cased (Safe sex reference) way back in the 90's? I wonder if her hubby "The Scotsman" had anything to do with Chilean getting the most answers correct?

So that's it folks, 2 cool Scots, 1 hot Chilean, 1 frozen Pearl and a lady tuna
are your winners for the First Annual Sausage Fingers Prize Giveaway.

The correct answers are:
1. Dundee

2. Brian (What, you were expecting Angus or William or Hamish?)

3. DUNDEE UNITED aka the Terrors of Tannadice ( I realise that by typing the word "Terror" I am now on some kind of watch list.) 

4. Chuck - The original NASA engineer, he worked on the space program and helped launch the original 7 astronauts. Chuck Hayes


Cheers, Sausage...


  1. i would have gone with 'angus'...

  2. I'll be waiting with baited breath for my mousepad.

  3. I would just like to thank....ach, there's too many to mention.

  4. Thank you, SF! I love getting things in the mail aside from bills!


  5. Thanks for you comments.
    Cheers, Sausage

  6. You have a new follower from Best Posts of the Week. I actually clicked on YOUR link because I liked your title--Sausage Fingers. I actually wrote a whole post about my thumbs (kind of) looking like sausage-like things.


    ^I love that show.

  7. congrats to all the weiners - uh, winners, too!