Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Banned in the Sausage House

When a man is blessed with the news that in 9 months he will become a father, the rush of emotions run the gamut from exhilaration to extreme panic. There is never a point during his wife's pregnancy that he is pulled aside by some learned elder and told to "Read these ancient scrolls of dad wisdom"  He is pretty much on his own, left to sponge memories from his own father's teachings and hope they still relate to today's bairns.

Today in the congress and senate of mum and dad, we passed  down a new  law for our 2 boys ages 11 and 7.
As of today we do not want to hear the word "Hate"  from our children.

 I am sick of  "Hate" I know how easy it is to throw out the word for such basic things like  "I hate homework", or  "I hate broccoli"  but the truth of the word makes me sick.
To say you hate something brings emotions of bigotry, violence and intolerance, and using that word to describe a dislike of vegetables is diluting the power and disgust from the real meaning.
In our society politicians hate other politicians, ethnic groups hate other ethnic groups and so on and so forth, so when you see news footage of hate manifested into violence it is difficult for me to accept the word from a child who knows nothing of the vitriol of the real meaning of "Hate"
Some may argue that it is just a word, yes just a word indeed, but the power behind the word "Hate" should not be acceptable to be used for innocent children who have not learned or even felt 'Hate" as most adults have.

I hope my 2 boys can grow up understanding the difference between hate and dislike,  I am sure there will come a time in their lives when they will feel "Hate" I hope they will be able to separate the two.

This is the saddest and one of the most disgusting pictures I have ever seen
using children to spread "Hate"