Friday, March 26, 2010

Popeye said it best - I am what I am

Attention Mrs. Sausage.
    I can't take the Edward hair style anymore, I will not trade in my truck for a silver Volvo and I do not look good in the peacoat. I am not the sparkly vampire from Twilight, I am Sausage Fingers from Florida. Today I am shaving my head and thus eliminating the "Product" in it. I will don my jeans and Scotland t-shirt and I will take my sausageness back.
It was fun playing a vampire, I especially enjoyed the Isle Esme parts but I yam whit I yam.
Cheers, Sausage.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Can It Be?

I woke up this morning with a weird thought coursing through my head, the leftovers of a vivid dream gone wrong. What was this fog inside my head that complexed my every whim, why am I so bothered today. Several cups of coffee later I realized what it was that had me so torn, I sat down to gather my thoughts and ask myself "Am I crazy to think these thoughts?" Can it be possible? What the f**k, can Wayne Rooney be the BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD!!!
Hold on, I thought no player from the UK has ever been the best player in the world that right is reserved for Brazilians, Spaniards, Italians, Dutch and Germans, right?
On current form Rooney is the best striker on the planet, the AC Milan defense will have nightmares for years to come when pondering the task of defending the Merseyside beast.
Loosing Ronaldo was the catalyst for Rooney to re-emerge as a lone striker, a natural position for him to terrorize defenses and keepers alike. At one point in the second half after Man U. were well ahead, a ball was played from the back out to the left midfield for Milan, Rooney sprinted full blast to help his midfield recover possession. Would Ronaldo do that? what about Pato, Robinho, Kaka, Messi, Torres? none of these superstars hustle as much as Rooney for the full 90, he relishes in leaving everything on the pitch.
So tonight as you lay your pretty head down to sleep, ponder the world's best players and ask yourself this question - If I was a manager who would I pick as my striker right now?
You Know the answer - WR10