Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Mrs. Sausage

Happy birthday to my dear wife and best pal Mrs. Sausage aka Kim. Today you enjoyed a horse ride and dinner with family. I love you so much and now that you are a cougar (45) I hope you are glad to have a young(er) sausage link to share your bed with tonight.
Love, Mr. Sausage...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Autumn came today in Florida, a leaf fell off a tree

SNOW!!!   We want to see snow.
That was the answer to the question "Hey boys where do you want to go for Christmas."
Most of you know that I was born in Dundee, Scotland aka home of cold and wet, my family emigrated to Florida in 1982 and since then the idea of cold, wet and snowy was just a faded memory of my youth.
Living in Florida has many advantages, weather being the paramount and not shoveling snow a close second.
This is the time of year for us Floridians to gather around the ceiling fan and watch our northern cousins from NY, NJ, PA and other assorted "Cold-ish" places slip and slide and shovel and moan. "HA HA HA HA" is our usual response as we belly chuckle at the 200 cars sliding around I-95 like a drunk reunion of stars on ice.

This week is the first of the year for long pants down here and I actually had to turn off that ceiling fan, although Mama Hot Flash is a conundrum of temperatures most Floridians are now freezing at a cool 60 degrees.

The holiday is now booked and the Sausages will be Christmasing first in Connecticut and then in the BIG APPLE. Today I will be shopping for hats, gloves and scarves for the first time, hopefully we will see snow and we will probably freeze our Florida asses off.  Having mastered  4-wheel beach driving I now have to figure out how to drive on ice and snow - yikes that scares me the most, as well as ordering at a  N.Y. deli counter casually perusing the menu options while being bombarded with "forgeataboudit" touts from behind.

I even offered a Hawaiian getaway but the allure of more sand and surf  has grown tiresome with the wee sausages. Oh well northbound I go out of the Sunshine State and into the frozen wilderness.  It was nice knowing ya........

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