Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not exactly a cure for world hunger

World hunger is an issue that should be on the mind of everyone able to sit down at a table and share a meal with family or friend. Food wasting is something that bothers the life out of me and I do my best to teach my boys about chucking out good grub after their wee bellies are full, because we all remember our grannies barking about "Your eyes are bigger than your belly."

That being said I am ashamed to say that yesterday I wasted food, I turfed away something that could have fed someone with a less formidable palate. As my defense will be presented, you the reader will observe an American gourmet tradition that confuses even the most steel gutted Scotsman and would probably turn the stomach of a Dundee dock worker or maybe it's just me.

While visiting the In-Laws at their condo the wife aka Mrs. Sausage took her parents to the store for a few groceries and the lads and I decided to stay behind and head for the pool. After our aqua activities were over we decided to raid the fridge and to our shock and dismay we found this culinary bastard staring back at very afraid. Or maybe it's just me.

Scroll on down if you dare...

Halved pears with mayonnaise and cheddar cheese!!!

Is there a McDonald's near here?
The aforementioned delicacy is a so called southern tradition but one that this Scot just can't wrap his mind around. Being Scottish I have happily embraced some of the planet's most intriguing belly busters such as: Haggis, black pudding, tripe, whelks, Scotch eggs, Tannadice pies and other non traditional staples that have kept many a Scot satisfied over the centuries. 
Once while in North Carolina I even ate something for breakfast called "Liver mush" and as a rule I don't turn my nose up at any food, I believe in trying it once then deciding if I will eat it again once it has hit the belly and hopefully stayed in place. This is the exception.

As some of you know from earlier blogs I have a brand new teenager in the house and I bet him $5 if he could eat just one of the cheesy-mayo-pear thingies. Being a wee bit strapped for cash, the wean took the bet and proceeded to go all out on said delicacy......

So after we cleaned up his vomit and the $5 was safe in my pocket I decided to look up this epicurean phenomenon on the web and to my surprise and utter shock there it was -
Just goes to show what the hell I know!
As far as the feeding the starving children of the world goes, my guess is that they would rather eat dirt or maybe it's my unsophisticated Dundee palate
who knows......

Now here is what every good Scottish lad needs to grow up strong and healthy
Pie and beans...can't be beat

Scotch Egg because what does mother nature know anyway

This is not a burnt burger folks.... it's black pudding and it rocks.

I made the wife taste it before I told her what was in it. My black eye hurt for days

The best reason to visit Forfar

Plate? no thanks.. salt and vinegar? yes please.