Friday, November 12, 2010

You bet you arse Sean Connery was the best James Bond

Being a child of the 70's and 80's I grew up watching iconic programs and films. Two of those being the James Bond series and Hawaii Five-O, both of which have been modernized for today's audience. These 2 shows have the most memorable themes, at least they are the two that stuck with me from my youth. During the long break of production between the original Hawaii Five-O and the new production, I have found myself battering out the theme song, and the same goes for the Bond theme. Does it mean I am getting old that the fireworks in my noggin are only lit from memories of the past? Who knows, enjoy the two clips....

I will gladly take votes on your favorite


  1. As a kid, I always thought Roger Moore was better, but seeing his movies NOW, He was kind of a TOOL !

  2. In a alley fight Connery would batter Moore.

  3. A sacrilege, that's what it is, re-making Five-O! How can they duplicate Jack Lord's and James MacArthur's (RIP) incredibly bad acting, using car hubcaps for lighting reflectors in outdoor scenes, Che with incredible technical know-how and the technology to use it, McGarrett's inability to nail Wo Fat—this is all the stuff that made the show really cool, man!