Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When I was your age I had to make calls from a phone box and they smell of piss


I found a new parenting trick/lesson/torture for all of the parents of pre-teens who don't follow the family rules.
My ever so fickle 12 year old and his cell phone are joined at the hip ear, the only problem is that he forgets to charge the damn thing. The cell chargers are in our kitchen and his precious phone rarely leaves his room, thus forgetting to charge the talk box is a regular occurrence in our lives.
The straw that broke the camels back was last weekend when our Facebooking pre-teen yet again let his cell phone die. Enough is enough, I took the phone away for 1 week.
The mastery came when I decided to return his never ending list of texts, replying to friends in an old-fart dad way. When an interested girl asked if he was going to the fall carnival on Saturday,  I messaged back "This is Scot's dad, he might be able to after his chores are done"
The bairn is mortified, every night after dinner I give him the messages from his pals.

Lilly wants to know if you like her, I messaged back that I would find out for her.

Stephanie wants you to kiss her, I messaged her that I would have to check with your mother.

Austin wants to know what Sarah said about last Friday, I messaged him and asked for a play by play of last Friday.

 Don't mess with dad.........

This aint easy with sausage fingers


  1. Get a phone with sausage keys !

  2. Holy crap that is brilliant! I'm doing that in 6 years for sure.

  3. That is some serious torture. If i was a teenager I would have curled up under my bed by now. Eeek!

  4. Like I said - Don't mess with dad....

    SCW - sounds like you and Scotsman have a date night set for March of 2016. Have fun

    Heff - I wish they made one