Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It Took Me Six Months, But I Was Finally Paid To Shoot Someone

April 8th 2010, the day I wrote the blog: "Photography, she said." about my new years resolution and the resulting action that came later.
The last six months have been hectic to say the least, the gang and I learning the tricks of the trade of sports photography, studying in class, practicing at the football matches and anywhere anyone would let us shoot them.
I have over the last six months become accustomed to having a huge camera and lens around my neck and to people posing and acting as if I was the paparazzi and they were on the red carpet.
This past weekend we had our first paying job, a soccer tournament with a huge sponsor name, we shot Saturday, printed about 1000 4x6 action shots on Saturday night and sold at the tournament Sunday.
Overall the entire weekend was a success, we sold a ton of the photos and even walked away with a profit after expenses. The last six months served studying and practicing were not wasted.
I am hoping that the two business I run, the two kids I finance and the world's best wife will now give me a wee break to do some much needed blogging. I don't want to snap under the pressure and shoot someone with something that is not a Nikon.

The Sausage returns 10/12/2010


  1. Bloody well done! Nice to hear that hard work and determination can bring reward, and I hope you enjoyed the job too.

  2. Good on ye pal! I shall raise a glass or two in your honour! (And welcome back!) :¬)