Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Lamborghini is like a beautiful woman, you don't just get in her and go. You have to know how to work the gears!

Wee Justin Bieber was spotted behind the wheel of a $200,000 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, a gift from P Diddy.  Apparently P.Diddy promised the pop phenom a car when he turned 16, but why hand a 16 year old the keys to a car that cost that much?
Why not hand the tyke the keys to a 1986 Buick with a Detroit steel reinforced frame? you know when he crashes it, and he will crash it, that the Buick will break the tree, the same can't be said for the lambo.
To me it's similar to when you loose your virginity, you want a girl who will work with you, you want someone who is comfortable with your fumbling around and searching for the right gear. You want the Buick.
Bieber driving around in the lambo is like loosing your virginity to a porn star, you can't get behind the wheel/porn star and take it for a ride, the lambo and the porn star are made up of highly advanced machinery, not to be played with by 16 year olds.
Buckle up Bieber, she looks like a wild ride.


  1. That's quite an analogy you've got going there. :-)

    The best part is, of course, that you are absolutely right.


  2. I agree! You make a fair point.