Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boys will be boys

My two boys are very typical modern children, they both enjoy the comforts of technical delights afforded them by the previous generaration's dedication to dot the heavens with satellites.
I am talking of course of the mandatory implements of lethargy known as X-box 360, Nintendo Playstation, Nintendo DSI, and of course cell phones with enough texting to keep the satellites spinning for years to come.
As of late last year the boys and their neighborhood gang have found a wooded area and have been busy in the childhood delight of building a fort.
This building project has been a laborious task and has kept all the boys away from their aforementioned distractions.
This afternoon I received a frantic call from "The woods",  it was my youngest boy and his teary-eyed voice pulled me off the couch faster than a teenage text message. 3 hours later we are home from the emergency room, the wee man had broken his arm after falling out of a tree.
So after all the video games and other technological advances boys still like to climb and fall out of trees, there is hope for humanity yet.
At least the cell phones have a practical use when used for something other than texting.
Boys will be boys.

Our brave wee soldier.
The world's best medicine - an ice cream cone


  1. And after he's done with that, he'll be back to the X-box 360, this time he will master it one handed.

  2. I'm sure he is working on it right now.

  3. Every tough guy breaks a bone at least once in his life. I broke my arm twice! Wish I could sign your cast Jake. Hope it feels better!!

  4. Thanks Glen, the wee man was just tough enough to hold back the tears until his pals were out of view. Then waterworks

  5. Even tough guys greet a few tears now and then my friend.