Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wasting away again in Margaritaville...

I know it's been a while folks but I have that urge to start writing things down again, must be that seasonal weather change we get down here in the sunshine state when the daily temperature changes from 91 degrees to 84 degrees or what I like to call: WINTER.

I can't explain why I stop blogging and writing but during times of excessive creativity I tend to shut down in the middle of it and have a strong desire to go away and hide.  During my seclusion I put away pen and paper and try to clear the noggin of any type of word worthy material that could be used for a laugh or two on this here blog. Why? No bloody idea but the thought of writing something funny every day makes my head hurt and I am talking about the big head which at my age is now the important one.

I found an old journal that had some of my thoughts from 2008 and came across the following piece, I have mellowed since then and much of my anger has dissipated with age but back in 2008 I might have left this person legless. So here old journal entry from April 2008 to get me back in the swing of writing.

Many thanks to my blogging friend The Unbearable Banishment for his e-mail as to my current whereabouts and state of mind, thank you again for the swift kick in the arse and for pulling me out if my margarita haze.
Cheers, Sausage...

April 2008

Son of a bitch....was what I usually muttered under faded breath when in sight of the bastard. 

Daring and noble he is to annoy such a beast, I wonder if his courage is fueled by a similar disgust as is mine.
Smugness and arrogance blended to perfection then worn as a rancid perfume to tug at the patience of myself.
If alive in other times it would be him and me face to face, pistols at dawn or joust to joust. Two gladiators 1 death.

I hate this person, no wait I loath him. This man has been a thorn in my side for many years and has tested my patience on more than one occasion. I have never laid hands on him but every day is one day closer to my giant hands wringing his neck until he begs for mercy while his life drains from him.
I am not a violent man and I would never lay hands on another again unless of course it was in defense of offspring or betrothed but the mere sight of this person brings out an evil in me that is best suited for mask wearing machete wielding monsters. Why? I have no idea.


  1. Welcome back. I had just discovered your blog when the posts seemed to stop, so I'm glad you've resumed.

    Did I detect just a hint of sublimated, bubbling, violent hatred in that piece?

    And why an angry Scotsman for goodness sake. Why are Scots always being shown as violent drunken incomprehensible antagonists?

  2. Bloody stereotypes!!!
    Twisted Scottish Bastard!
    cheers mate...

  3. I have from time to time desired to remove a head or two in a drunken angered stupor, luckilly the lack of desire to spend much time behind bars has kept me on the up and up for the most part...

  4. that cartoon character makes you that angry, sugarpie? *comeonyouknowyouwanthatmadeyoulaugh*
    no, seriously, i have seen that anger well up in a man and then seen him suppress it for the same reason you mention. i am glad you've mellowed, but like the man of which i speak, i'm guessing it is still there and is expressed in just a bit more subtle manner...and totally untraceable.


  5. So,there ye are?

    We all (us celts) have that anger in us.

    I doubt it's anything to do with the English.

  6. Savannah - luckily that man has aged and has his desire to act on his anger...for now.

  7. Map - it's what makes us such colorful fellows eh?

  8. when i go back and read my old stuff, i cringe... 2008 was, like, years ago! i'm pretty different. can't say better, just different. definitely too tired to carry the rage i used to feel...

    glad you're back. enjoy your writings much!

  9. Daisyfae, like a nice single malt we get better with age

  10. I'm certain I wasn't the only one wondering where you've been hiding. Hate. Loath. It's all the same. Let's not get tripped up in the minutia. 2008 is not that long ago! I'm glad things have mellowed since then. Age = calm. Take it from me.

  11. UB - thank you again for the inquest it's nice to have been thought of

  12. Wait -- did you just say WINTER was coming?

    Oh, how I'd love to pull you, kicking and screaming, to Minneapolis in January. :-)

    And whoever you're hating, they'd do best to steer clear of you!


  13. Pearl, Yes winter is coming and I am forced to dig deep in the back of the drawer for those toe warmer things...I think you snow people call them SOCKS!

  14. See you pal? A typical Dundee Arab, violent and drunk like every Scot I know. Pure disgusting it is so. Welcome back.

    By the way, the SPL crown is ours!!!!

  15. Chef, the season is long and hard just like my...
    cheers, Sausage.