Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Camera Card Clean Off

Time to clean off the cards....

Why you don't swim in Florida's lakes

Another reason!

Flagler College, St. Augustine

Sausage Orgy

B B B Bird Bird Bird, Bird Is The Word.

Have a drink on me

Mirror Image or Refer To the First Picture

Foot Wash!

Shake It Big Willie

Even Torres......


  1. Dog shake and sausages for me.

  2. Lurker - thinking about what that says about you????. Ha cheers..

  3. Nice pics!

    So you made alligator sausages? so your son could go swimming?

    Good dad!

    big willie?! heh heh

  4. GREAT pic of the boy going headfirst into alligator infested waters!

  5. Goddess - parental responsibility has no limit.
    and slightly above average :)

  6. Daisfae - You can take the boy out of Georgia but....you know the rest...
    Cheers, Sausage.

  7. Baby sharks are cute. It's when they grow up that they start looking a little too fierce.

    Sausages for me too! And on a hot day, a wet dog shaking is a good cool off. ;-)

    I take it Son made it out of the gator infected waters in one piece?

  8. You should Photoshop the boy diving into an alligator's mouth. So funny!

    One post per month? What's that? Your posts are quality. The quality of my posts are shite, but I go for quantity.

  9. You can't go wrong with a bit of saussage - they say

  10. Ponita - The lad made it out in one piece

  11. UB - I hear you on the lack of posting....busting my arse with work and very thankful that I have it. The creative juices(wine) are starting to flow again, stick around...

  12. Glen - So I have heard....allegedly

  13. SF! So you're back!

    The sausages look fantastic (saying that and knowing it sets me up a bit...) and as for sharks and alligators?! I scream when I see a fish bigger than I'd like to see on a plate!

    :-) Not really. But maybe...


  14. Interesting photos, but I worry about the kid jumping in the lake which may be the home of alligators!
    Just visiting from Best Posts of the Week.

  15. My daughter played golf for Nationals a few years ago. Apparently gators were a major course problem and she cried like a scared little girl.