Friday, December 10, 2010

Autumn came today in Florida, a leaf fell off a tree

SNOW!!!   We want to see snow.
That was the answer to the question "Hey boys where do you want to go for Christmas."
Most of you know that I was born in Dundee, Scotland aka home of cold and wet, my family emigrated to Florida in 1982 and since then the idea of cold, wet and snowy was just a faded memory of my youth.
Living in Florida has many advantages, weather being the paramount and not shoveling snow a close second.
This is the time of year for us Floridians to gather around the ceiling fan and watch our northern cousins from NY, NJ, PA and other assorted "Cold-ish" places slip and slide and shovel and moan. "HA HA HA HA" is our usual response as we belly chuckle at the 200 cars sliding around I-95 like a drunk reunion of stars on ice.

This week is the first of the year for long pants down here and I actually had to turn off that ceiling fan, although Mama Hot Flash is a conundrum of temperatures most Floridians are now freezing at a cool 60 degrees.

The holiday is now booked and the Sausages will be Christmasing first in Connecticut and then in the BIG APPLE. Today I will be shopping for hats, gloves and scarves for the first time, hopefully we will see snow and we will probably freeze our Florida asses off.  Having mastered  4-wheel beach driving I now have to figure out how to drive on ice and snow - yikes that scares me the most, as well as ordering at a  N.Y. deli counter casually perusing the menu options while being bombarded with "forgeataboudit" touts from behind.

I even offered a Hawaiian getaway but the allure of more sand and surf  has grown tiresome with the wee sausages. Oh well northbound I go out of the Sunshine State and into the frozen wilderness.  It was nice knowing ya........

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  1. Ahh,you know you have it coming!

    We're expecting a foot of snow late tonight -- and me? Planning another trip down south!


  2. Pearl - Come on down, the first round is on me.

  3. it's cold enough here, sugar! i really don't need snow, too1 xoxox

    (checked w/my daughter, it is only the la store, but she said if you ordered online, she'd be grateful for the help!)

  4. Savannah - I will look tonight, thanks

  5. Snow? You actually want snow??? I just happen to have a surplus so come and get it! That will give me a bit of space for when the next load gets dumped down and I have to find somewhere to pile it up! You can have some of the cold too... it is -18C/0F right now but with the wind, it feels like -28C/-18F....

  6. It's snowing like crazy right now up here in Park City. I shall post a short video on my blog to gloat.

  7. Ponita - Aye just a wee bit of snow for us flamingos, to satisfy my boys I can drop them off at your place and they can shovel the snow 'till their noses turn blue.
    You and LHB can come down to the beach and defrost anytime. Margaritas anyone?

  8. Chilean - And just think all you have to do is "Go outside" rather than break the bloody bank for a holiday.

  9. There's plenty of snow here in Edinburgh for you!

  10. Could you leave your boys with me for the winter? My back doesn't appreciate shovelling much at all any more. ;-)

  11. Plenty of the white stuff in Scotland and here at the mo! Swap? :¬)

  12. How have you lived in Florida for so long everyone knows the melting point of a Scotsman is about 21c.

  13. Glen the hen - The shorts are back on today it is a braw 74 degrees.

    Map - You and JB are welcome at my bar anytime

    Ponita - All they require is food and x-box.

    Cabby - It took about 8 years to acclimate then I went tribal and that was that. Beaches and margaritas do well for a frozen Scot.

  14. Send the boys up, complete with Xbox (I don't have one), I'll make sure the fridge and pantry are well stocked, and LHB and I will be down for margaritas on the beach in two shakes!!!

  15. Don't forget to pack snowshoes. And a St. Bernard with a flask of whiskey around his neck.