Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When the internet was invented, was this what they had in mind?

 I just figured out that this blog site has a traffic report, not that I bother with the minutiae of who is visiting from where and why am I not getting any attention from moms in Malaysia.  I was bored and decided to play around with the setting and to my surprise there it was, the stats button along with all the information a 'stat guy' would need. Such life affirming stats as where my traffic is coming from, who is my audience and how many people have looked at Sausage today.

Look the only reason I write this dribble is that it is cheaper than therapy and if a therapist got into my head they would surely quit and move to Auckland or join the Whale Wars boat crew and try to forget the question they asked: "So Sausage, tell me what is bothering you"
Back to this nonsense about traffic, under the tab 'Search Keywords' the following was listed. I was shocked and amazed what some people actually typed into a computer, even more freaked out that they stumbled across my blog. Here goes.
 The following are the results listed on my traffic report, my comments are after.
They call me Sausage Fingers 15 - Looks like 15 people found their way.
Sausage Fingers 2 Another 2 converts for the cause.

Smoke my sausaage - I am hoping that this was for a BBQ recipe.

Unshaved women at blogspot.com - Alright now who typed this into a computer? miss the 70's

Any type of bull riding toys - ????? WTF is the internet broken?

Beautiful woman fingered man - Come on now I hope you don't lump my blog with this stuff

Blacked out drunk and fell  - Yes, someone on the right track. The internet is working again.
Can you loose your virginity to a Sausage  - Only if you have a time machine and my wife says ok.

Girls with sausage fingers - I hope this was not linked with the other question, yikes.
That's it folks the wonderful  world of online blogging, be careful what you type you never know where it will show up.


  1. crap, they actually keep records of that stuff!!! I have to go clean my pc
    see ya

  2. If anyone does find me, I'm not sure I want to know how or why. And does anyone actually seek out a housewife? Wait! I would seek out a housewife. I need one of those.

    I wonder how the hell I found this blog to begin with.

    It's all so strange and scary. Enjoy!

  3. And how do you THINK we all found ya? :¬)

  4. Housewife - strange and scary!! sounds like me on Halloween
    Map - I am off for a bacon buttie, with HP sauce. brb

  5. If it wasn't for the Chilean miners my blog would be lost in the blogosphere. Luckily I've been found via the Chilean football chant: "Chi chi chi le le le...".

    Damn, thanks to you now I am now afraid this stats thing might become addicting. I had no idea it even existed.

  6. Chilean Woman - An accidental discovery, I hope it does not cause too much concern. How is it being married to a Scot? after 16 years my wife has not booted me yet. All the best....

  7. So now I'm going to have to check mine...

  8. I love being married to my Scot, believe it or not our cultures are more similar than not. I could do without his temper, his expensive cravings for Irn Bru, and Celtic FC talk. Other than that, he's perfect.

  9. I will agree on the temper, Irn Bru aka Scottish steroid, but the Celtic nahhhh. Ask him to discuss a proper Scottish football team. Dundee United. good luck