Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What are you going as for "Dress like a slut day"

When did Halloween become about women dressing up in the sluttiest outfit they could find? I appreciate the female form as much as the next guy, but what happened to Halloween being all about ghost, ghouls and monsters?
Every costume made for women has to have the word "sexy" in front of it. Sexy nurse, sexy witch, sexy pirate, sexy maid, sexy cowgirl and even sexy girl scout.
Ladies, it seems that Halloween is a convenient excuse to dress slutty then may I suggest a new holiday. Lets call it "Dress like a slut day" maybe in July since it's already hot and you could go skimpy with the garments, then we could leave Halloween for the children.
On "Dress like a slut day" ladies could don the fishnets and ho pumps, push up the puppies and even throw in a strategically placed garter. Do as you feel be creative. Just don't be pissed when approached by men in vans asking the age old question Hey baby how much? Do I look like a whore? Yes you do. Well I am not a whore, it's dress like a slut day. Oh I am sorry I forgot it was dress like a slut day, I better stop and get my wife a card I know she loves "Dress like a slut day."
These are actual ads from a Halloween costume website, scary aren't they....
The Sexy Pirate
The Sexy Cowgirl

The sexy chamber maid

The sexy Indian Chick???
The sexy nurse, not on you insurance plan


  1. This year, I got on some hoity toity mailing list and received children's catalogs containing socks that I can't even afford. I've also received children's Halloween costume catalogs. I can't imagine dressing my 8-year-old daughter in most of those things.

    Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good too eat, cause I'm dressed as an 8-year-old slut!

  2. ...and they they go and take pictures of themselves and post them on their blogs or Facebook. Women just want to be complimented by others on their sex appeal so Halloween seems like an easy way of getting that sort of superficial attention.

    Today was a dress up day at work, it's a pediatric office so it was all kid friendly. But there was still that 'she looks cuter than me' attitude in the air. I don't think women do it for male attention, but a lot of women do it simply for each other in a dumb competitive way.

    I can't say I am completely innocent, I have a Little Red Riding Ho costume, it sits in the very dark cobweb-filled corner of my closet.

  3. the perfect card, sugar! xoxoxoxo

  4. I know how women are, strange and mysterious creatures that we men love. I remember cutting holes in an old pillow case and being a "Ghost" old school as I am....