Monday, May 17, 2010

Where is the damn stop button

Never having been one to chain myself to a soon to be broken tree, or pass up a tuna fish sandwich with tuna caught with dolphins in the net, I am having a serious epiphany over the BP Gulf disaster. I guess you can call me a fairweather fan of saving the planet, only shouting out when my little corner of the world is in danger of pollution. Well here goes.
BP, Transocean and Haliburton - The three stooges responsible for the blackening of the blue gulf, the money grubbing devils who stuff their pockets while the planet suffers. Where is the failsafe for environmental hazzard?, What is the backup plan for a major oil leak?, Do you have a plan B?
The latest attempt is the 21" pipe inserted into the leak trying to syphon one fifth of the oil leaking out, is that not like trying to fit a hot dog through a hula-hoop?
At this point I believe they have to try anything to stop this from becoming the worst oil spill in U.S. history.
Comic remedies like hairballs and golfballs have been mentioned as possible plugs, why not send Tiger Woods down there and let him fire off a few buckets at the hole, I am sure his experience with large leaking gashes will do wonders.
At the end of the day people like me are to blame, I once held a BP gas card and shuffled  in line to get the gas to fill the minivan, to get to Disney World, to buy the crap and eat the junk and so on and so on.
I for one will take a step back and try harder to not pollute my home, I guess it is time to dust off the old bike.


  1. I recently got news that Uncle Graham was sent to Louisiana to work on the ship that will help with the spill... What a fucking disaster!

  2. Glen, That is great. Uncle Graham from Dundee on his way to the gulf to show the twats how to take care of business.

  3. Dust off that old bike and it won't just be the planet that benefits, by the end of the summer you'll have glorious thighs.

    We've had absolutely no money for about two years now, and it's amazing how not grim it is to not be able to buy stuff. I reckon my carbon footprint is minus 0 at the moment and the only thing I miss is driving up to Glasgow and mooching around.

    Good luck Uncle Graham!