Monday, May 17, 2010

What's a Scot to do?

It's about to be that time again when you wrap yourself in the national flag and cheer and pray for your team at the World Cup. Once again the thistle men are left to spend their WC summer on holiday without the glory of global attention, the kind of global attention that could spark interest in SPL players!
So as we inch closer the South African addyssey I am at unrest with the burning question of who to pull for?
One of my English customers assumes as a "Brit" that I must cheer for England, after he paid his bill I gave him my answer -  F**K OFF.
With and American wife and children, my loyalty will now lie with TEAM USA aka - the most boring, small, fast and underrated team in the competition. I can only pray that the colonists beat their former occupiers and send laughter from Polokwane to Dunnet Head.
Come on you Yanks.......

Perhaps the world's most fun army - the Tartan Army, all dressed up for nothing. Again.


  1. Cant wait for the match. I hope team USA crush the English! You would be surprised how many Scots here are rooting for the US.

  2. Glen, It would make me smile to see soccer win over football.

  3. Being female I don't have a problem, I root for the best looking team which is usually Italy.