Friday, August 20, 2010

Where do I turn in my man card?

I consider myself a manly man, a regular Joe with likes and tastes similar to most men no matter what part of the globe. Recently I have spent countless hours in front of the tv watching such manly broadcasts as -
The Jacksonville Monster Truck Rally, The Houston Rodeo including cow roping and bull riding, The Oregon Lumberjack finals sponsored by the Stihl chainsaw company, Football (The one without pads, helmets and commercials), The UFC otherwise known as ultimate fighting championship.
Then this past weekend my lovely wife suggested we watch the testicle shrinking movie - Twilight.
Yes the one with the pale faced skinny little boy who looks a burger and fries short of the grave, can someone please feed this boy.
Every ounce of my soul fought this picture and its premice, why? I assumed the movie was only for teenage girls or single mothers longing for lost love with slight white English pseudo vampires.
I scorned myself at the thought of people knowing my actual enjoyment of this film, I pictured myself sitting in a pub surrounded by other menly men being probed with the question "Seen any good movies lately"  After my loquacious answer the room closes in on me, I am now the focal point of ocular distaste especially in the company of such alpha males.
Our species has the innate ability to outcast any of its kind not deemed manly enough to chew iron and spit nails. 
Anyway I did watch Twilight and New Moon this past weekend and I must say - well, I enjoyed them both. The two films actualy kept my intrigue much more than I thought, they were well written and seemed to be attractive to more the wee girls and their mothers.
One enjoyable aspect was that both movies kept the attention of my two boys, which with the company of my wife made for an enjoyable weekend.
After all of this rant about this movie series I must say I am a fan, a little late but still a fan none the less.
So if any of my beer guzzling, single malt drinking football watching wolfpack have a problem with this diatribe, they can come and rip my man card out of my sausage fingers. Good luck, you can find me in line at the next Twilight premier wearing ear plugs, you know why.


  1. I was skeptical at first too. But it turned out to be good! Loved the music too. And if any of my friends found out that i have downloaded just about the whole soundtrack of Twilight, they would probably kick my ass...

  2. Cheers Glen, I am glad you are man enought to admit it.... at least to yourself.

  3. I've not seen either but just may, now...

    And so where have you been?! Haven't seen you around!