Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We stuck our finger in the ant mound

I have never protested anything, never been a flag waiver for a cause or spouted vile and noxious rants at someone who has opposing views from mine. I think I feel a change coming on.
The U.S. military lost another 8 troops today in Afghanistan  and 14 more in the helicopter crash yesterday. How much more of this can the world take, how many more will loose Fathers and Mothers and Brothers and Sisters? Why can't this bullshit war end?

I understand the war cry of terrorism and the sabre rattling that Washington uses to rally the cause of the Americans, but are we not collectively sick of it, is this war in jeopardy of becoming the next Vietnam?

People like me are to blame, I watched the invasion 8 years ago on t.v. and sat there eyes bulging at the might of the military saying things to myself like "Fuck yea, don't mess with the U.S." Now I am ashamed of myself realizing that boots on ground is not a hot new video game. I am sorry, I have neglected the feelings of the wives whose husbands are stuck in the sand.

I do not condone the actions of terrorists they are terrorists for a reason, they are vile bastards who want to end this country and everyone in it. But after 8 long hard years are we not almost finished? could we not have solved this problem another way? I have no answers, I have no degree in politcal science nor do I have the military learned skills to advise anyone on this issue. I am just a working man trying to raise a family hoping for a better future for the next generation.

It looks like we stuck our finger in the ant mound.
It seems like we hit the hornet nest with a stick.
It feels like we are at the zoo and a fat kid dropped his popcorn in the bear exibit and jumped in to get it, now we are gasping at the sight of the bears looming over the prospect.

I wish John Lennon was still alive, 'cause we could sure use some more love in this world.

Peace, Sausage.


  1. I like the saying "finger in the and mound"
    and the bear reference is like us watching on CNN

  2. Er ... Pot calling kettle black!

    "But after 8 long hard years are we not almost finished?"

    Finished what ... killing, mutilating, bulling ... for what? Why?

    Yes I agree, there are similarities to Vietnam and that 'war' was conducted for economic reasons too.

  3. Bullying is right, a man looks at 40 and his stance changes on almost everything.