Monday, October 26, 2009

There was no texting......damn the texting

My Father, myself and my Sons, 3 generations of men raised in all together different ages of technology. My Father raised without a telephone in the home, me raised with 1 telephone a rotary phone none the less, and my sons who talk and text on cell phones all day long. I remember our first cordless phone it was as big as a brick with an antenna 12" long.

In our home we have 3 cell phones and 2 wall phones, in our shop we have 4 phones and 1 fax phone and our 2 cell phones. When I forget my cell phone I feel naked as if I am going to miss the most important call of my life, like the President will be calling me asking for my input on this years Champions League or something.

I called my Son yesterday to let him know I was home and the call went directly to his voice mail, I left my message and hung up. My phone beeped a few seconds later and to my astonishment I received a text from said Son with a reply "Thanks, see you later."

Gone are the days when your Mother would stretch her neck out the front door and yell "Dinner's ready" Gone are the days when you would keep a quarter in your pocket to call home from a phone booth. I don't think my kids have ever seen a phone booth!! What did they do with them all? I hope they washed all the piss out of them.

Someday my Sons will write about their poor old Father who only had 1 cell phone and didn't know how to text, probably because of his sausage fingers, while they talk to a holograph friend projected from their new device. Someday.


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