Thursday, October 22, 2009

something happened to my football while I was watching baseball

Scotland failed to qualify for another World Cup while smaller less experienced football nations are getting in, I would like to hear from some Scots as to why our national team is so weak. Is it the Premier League? are we just not good enough? or do we give up to easily? I left the Motherland way back in '82 and  followed our football whenever it was played here in the US which was usually in the middle of the damn night, Scotland was not most dynamic football nation then but I do remember them not losing much at Hampden now it seems any country can roll in and take the points from us, are we not a nation of fighters and scrappers, did we not defend Hampden like a fortress at one time. I wonder if our players are becoming fat and happy with ther club teams and don't bother to put the effort in when they suit up for Scotland or as I like to say 'Don your second blue skin.' I remember some time in the late 80's or early 90's one of our youth teams made it to a world junior final which tells me that we had talent in our youth, can the same youth that made the final not equate the same skill as men? I hope this blog will give me some answers, I only want the best for Scotland and hope they can win a world cup in my lifetime or at least before the English win another one. Cheers, Sausage.
ps. -  I hope Jimmy Bastard and the Bearded One can help me with this


  1. Fingers... the explanation is simple. Scotlands national team are shite. They have been ever since I can remember, and I doubt that it will ever change.

    The reason... Scotland as a country is poor, and cannae afford the facilities enjoyed by our neighbours across the border.

    The only hope there is would be to just play the Celtic side and pretend that most of them are actually Irish.

  2. ... I nearly forgot pal, whatever you do.. don't mention the word 'blue' in certain parts of Glesga.

    Trust me on that one.