Friday, October 23, 2009

The Road Beckons.....

The American stepped off the plane and realized he was far from home, he knew this was not the place of his birth but the place of his ancestors. He was a traveler, a nomad of sorts, the kind of man who drew comfort from knowing where he is at this moment is home. He is free from the constraints of those around him, free from the politics of the daily grind of those of us who call home the same place year after year. Scotland is a place in your blood not just a country on the world map, the American knew this from his upbringing in a Scottish family, he is well versed in the culture both good and bad and will amalgamate himself  in Scotland's welcoming bosom. A year long working vacation while his love learns more of the culture of her man, all the best to you both, what's next? The road beckons.......
written for Glen and Erin


  1. At last... an American who can actually spell WHISKY! Well done pal, I'm proud of you already.

  2. Bloody hell a yank!!! not me I am from the tangerine side of Dundee, I was kidnapped from my Gran's house in 1982 and brought to Americaland, still trying to get home.... miss the pies. cheers
    ps. I have spent the last 20 years screaming at yanks that I am not scotch but Scottish.

  3. The Yank in the photo is my wee bro. he just left Americaland for a year in Edinburgh. Cheers.