Monday, October 12, 2009

Nervous at the coffee shop

I might be one of a handfull of people who don't drink coffee from trendy coffee shops, I actually make my own coffee in the morning it's pretty simple and old school. I find myself in a bookstore surrounded by the smell of the paper and the allure of the beans brewing and decide to catch up with the rest of the world and order a frappa cappa latte mocha java something. I noticed on the top of the menu was "Coffee of the day" not wanting to jump right in the deep end here I asked the young fella what was the "Coffee of the day" he actually replied "Just regular coffee" holy crap am I missing something here or are you asking me to pay $3.50 for just regular coffee. Then after staring at the menu like an old man in the DMV I spurted out "I will have a cafe aut lait" The kid made the frothy brew, I paid and sat down in the bookstore with my new discovery. The coffee was good the environment was better I actually felt the same way I did when I turned 21 and ordered my first drink in a bar.

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