Friday, January 14, 2011

That glowing yellow orb in the sky - they call it the sun.

 As an unofficial spokesman for the Florida Department of Tourism, I am sending out warmth and rays to all of my frozen friends in the other 49 snow covered states. Don't get me wrong I do like a change of seasons but after spending the holidays up north, it is good to back in the state of the sun where we shovel sunshine on a daily basis.

I remember speaking to a young Mexican named Javier that was employed by the resort in Westbrook, Ct. He was shoveling snow and epitomized the "Fish out of water idea" He asked me "What's it like in Florida?"
My reply  "Javier, it does not suck."

I do hope you all defrost and someday make it down here where you can park your butt on a beach. We have over 700 miles of sand.
So grab a hot beverage block out the snow and ice for a few minutes and enjoy.
ps. The last video of  Clearwater Beach is the once of the best places to just soak it up.
Cheers, Sausage Fingers....


  1. I NEED sunshine right now! But I'll have to wait 'til May, when I get to spend time on a beach in the Canary islands!

    in the meantime I'll make do with your wonderful video clips! Ta pal. Have a good weekend! :¬)

  2. that is so wrong! LOL i have sunshine today, but it's just 40 outside and will drop into the 20's tonight!!! but, on the other hand, there is no snow here on the plantation, sugar! xoxox

  3. Okay, you are just rubbing it in! And doesn't the vast frozen land north of the 49th parallel get included in this address??? Hey, we had the coldest spot on the planet today - up in the Yukon @ -49C! Brrrrrrr....

    Yeah, I know... that's nothing to brag about. But, I have been to Florida. Spent a week in the Keys back in the mid 90s. It was lovely. *sigh* And I would love to be down there right now. We are expecting overnight lows of -33C or so in the next few days. You need to be a polar bear to like this weather...

  4. Now, was that nice? Are you being a good Christian or a bad Christian? We'll all forgive you this once.

  5. Sausage, you bastard!!


    Well, like I said before, I'm taking you up on that drink you keep dangling in front of me. April, man. :-) I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing you in April.


  6. @Pearl; he owes me a pint too, I'm not gonna make it this year, so you can have mine too! :¬)


  7. Sorry to all for the warmth, just doing my part as a Floridian to boost the economy of the state. I guess the check is in the mail.

    Map - Canarys!! nice one are you gigging there or just on holiday.

    Savannah - 40's aint too bad, glad to hear you have no ice and snow.

    Ponita - Minus 49 now that is when appendages just freeze and fall off! I have many connections to the great white north. Uncles and cousins in Toronto, Winnipeg and Ontario.

    UB aka King of NYC - I guess after I was told not to ever darken the doors at Highlands Christian Academy, that would make me a bad one.

    Pearl - After reading your post about winter I could not help myself. How the hell do you type with gloves on?

  8. You have rellies in Winnipeg??? Well, if you ever come up for a visit, let me know and we'll get together for a drink!!

  9. Those beaches remind me of Portobelly!?!?

  10. oh, mannnnnnn!!!!! that's so NOT RIGHT!!! today where i am it's cold dark and dreary - and wet - thanks SO MUCH, MISTER!!!!!


  11. Ok ok just rub it in. But do you no miss red pudding suppers and the fitba? lol :)

  12. Sharon, a wee bit, thanks to Fox Soccer I can get most of the fitba results. I will trade a red pudding for a black pudding any day.

  13. It's cold over here in Park City, but at least I have the Sundance Film Festivities going on right outside my office door. So there!

  14. Chilean - not bad, filming for Transformers 3 (As if the first 2 were not enough) is going on down at the cape this weekend, we might go and check it out. See if they need any crazy extras.
    I think you win that round with Sundance.