Monday, January 3, 2011

A Red Headed Scot In The Big Apple

Guess who made it back from the wintry wilderness know as  "Up North" Sausage and his family made it home to the State of the Sun with a lifetime of memories and a vow to return next Christmas.
The first tale to tell was that for 10 days were disconnected from the electronic world! we took 1 cell phone for any emergency, left the laptops and all of the other gizmo's that usually satiate our attention. Just the four of us with only our imagination to entertain.
The first part of the holiday was spent in Connecticut or what I will now refer to : The place where stuffy old white people reside, being a Caucasian did not make me feel any comfort in this somewhat puritanical throwback. I felt like a raiding viking when questioning the no alcohol sales on Sunday law and the no beer or wine in the grocery or gas stations edict.  Being one whose DNA is a wee bit tartan, I like a dram or three especially on holiday so the fact that I could not even buy a bottle of wine on Sunday night made me a bit jaded to say the least.
Part two - New York City ~ The Big Apple ~ Gotham City....
Creeping out of Grand Central Station felt like being a gladiator about to be thrown into the Colosseum not really knowing what is on the other side. The minute you step outside on 42nd street you are deep in it, life that is and life at full speed.
New York and her offerings were a ocular orgasm, around every corner another delight for the mind to wrap and fathom. The buildings, the noise, the smell and the people. At times I felt like pinching myself to see if I was awake or in the middle of some lucid dream while watching a NY sitcom.
In my mind New York displayed herself to be the true epicenter of the world, I believe I witnessed over 15 different languages and walked among people from the four corners of the globe all under the majestic roof of this great city. One thing is for sure is the we all fell in love with New York, she romanced us, took our money and left us wanting more. The holiday is already booked for next Christmas and once again the Sausages from Palm Coast Florida will be wined and dined by the lady with the torch.......
Lexington Ave. where we stayed and barely slept at all.


  1. have i told you how jealous i am about this trip???? ;~D seriously, we were JUST talking about how we HAD to get back to NYC this year! i remember how much the coconut krewe loved new york the first time they visited! looking forward to all stories you want to share, sugar! xoxo

  2. I do not like to be in a place where I cannot purchase alcohol whenever I want (need) it. Thanks for the warning about Connecticut.

    Just seeing those taxis in that NYC photo has every nerve ending standing at attention. Hope the Sausages get to return soon.

  3. So glad you had a great time in NYC!! I hear ya about the Puritanical stuff... Although I'm not that much of a drinker, I do believe in everything being on sale pretty much everywhere any day.

    Will we get to see more photos that the one aerial shot??? I'd love to go there one day too!

  4. Glad it went well! That's a fantastic pic. It looks like you stayed right outside Grand Central in the heat of it. This town will bleed you dry of all your cash but at least it gives you something in return. I love this place at Christmastime. Did you get to Bryant Park right down the street from your hotel to watch the skaters? Or hit any of the art museums? C'mon back. There's plenty more where that came from.

  5. Savannah - I must hear more about the coconut krew and NYC, crack open a bottle and lets talk.

    Kim - Connecticut was not all that bad, it was just a wee bit vanilla. We just wanted a wee drink to celebrate the holidays, I just hated the looks wee got when questioning their sales policy.

    Ponita - That was why NYC was so great - anything at any time - no questions. I will post more pics soon.

    Banishment aka the King of NYC. - We stayed just north of Grand Central on Lexington and 48th. We did visit Bryant Park and saw the skaters as well as Times Square and Rockefeller, the images are burned in my brain. We are planning on staying around the upper west side this summer and visiting the museums as well as a show. I am starting to save $$$ now for the trip. Thanks, Sausage....

  6. Sasuage - you lucky bastard looks like a nice vacation. Glad you are back, happy new year.