Monday, July 19, 2010

Keith Richards once blacked out drunk and when he woke up he had the classic song "Satisfaction" on a cassette player.

I had a good week, made some money and didn't have to shoot anyone, so on Friday night I decided to open a bottle of wine. Fourish glasses in I remembered just how light of a weekend loomed and I decided to polish off the bottle with a few tumblers of single malt whisky.

Those of you owning any Scottish blood will realize that many of us Scots like a wee dram now and again. This is a stereotype I can live with because most all of my family does take a wee drink and most of us can handle it.
I do not get out of control, beat my wife of kids or go into a Mel Gibson/Wallace/Lethal Weapon/Give me back my son type of rage..... Anymore.

During my liver drowning evening I must have decided to take a few notes, possibly for future blogs or just in case I didn't wake up the next morning.
So the next morning as the Colombian coffee was battling the Scottish whisky (Lo mucho que bebia - Piss of you wanker) this translates to a Juan Valdez type on a donkey being softly screamed  at by a crazed blue face highlander. I found my scribbles from the wet night before, here are some of the things I wrote.

1. Terri Garr is hot for the 80's, I like Mr. Mom.
2. We only had 1 fat kid in our entire school - why
3. Flounder have both eyes on the same side.
4. Why do people in Florida own tanning beds? weird huh.
And my favorite rambling scribble from that night was
Do research on porn stars:  do they feel anything, do they really orgasm.

I wonder if AA takes reservations?

Take yer coffee and shove it up yer arse!


  1. Saus - Terri Garr, fat kids, flounder,tanning beds and porn!!! are you sure it was only booze?

  2. Ha ha! Fat kids didn't exist back then. Funny post. Terri Garr was hot back then and so was Teri Hatcher. Something about the Terris.

  3. I do hope you post your research findings, I've often wondered that, they must feel something!

    I don't think I saw a fat kid until I was in my thirties, now a thin kid seems remarkable.

  4. I always wanted to be hot like Terri Garr. Never succeeded.

    You (or the booze) sure are right about fat kids. I only remember one. He later went to prison.

  5. Walt, It's only the whisky, honest guv.
    Cheese, the two Terri's will be in my dreams tonight
    Eryl, I will keep you posted on the research, I another note - wife not happy with research.
    Housie, I bet you did alright and I hope yer birthday was great.

  6. Hmm. We only had one fat kid as well. Why?!


    p.s. Bradenton Beach was lovely -- and did you know that the food at Aces (a live music joint) is really quite good?!