Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A 300 yard drive, a slice and a penalty stroke

When is an animal human? When a Tiger proves to be just a man.
I have followed his career since he was a boy, I have purchased the swoosh and bought the balls and copied his every stroke (the ones on the course)
I don't know the challenges of being a billionaire and having a buffet of women to choose from as if deciding where to eat lunch, but I do know when the ring is on the finger the penis stays in the nike pants.
I am dissapointed in the man, he was the catalyst for many of us to pick up the sticks again and give it another swing, he was in many eyes the perfect role model. A true master of his domain on and off the course.

This latest episode of male stupidity only stokes the female fires -  All men are pigs, dogs, whores, etc...
The smartest man in the world tonight is George Clooney, why? - rich, good looking, talented and most importantly a confirmed batchelor, with the ability to juggle women like a drunk frat boy. Hats off to you George for having the common sense to know you are not done sowing your wild oats and don't feel the need to placate women by surgically attatching a wedding ring. George has done everything Tiger has sans the weighted karats and character assassination. Cheers to George.

A parting thought : The penis is responsible for two things
1. 50% of procreation
2. Pre-nuptual agreements

good luck with the lawyers, you could always change your name from Tiger to Cheetah


  1. Cheetah - very funny when his old lady is done with him and his money, he is still a millionare.

  2. Walt, when they are all finished with him - the wife and her lawyer, the mistresses and their lawyers coupled with posible loss os sponsorship he will be just a poor old millionaire. Time to get his ass back on the course and work on his putts instead of his putz.