Thursday, November 5, 2009

Swines on the street

As reported on the NBC this morning, several Wall Street corporations have received massive doses of the H1N1 vaccine. Although this is not an uncommon practice what about the timing of the reward? Lines of Americans boldy wait their turn wrapped around street corners huddling their babies from natures wrath, while pinstriped fat cats stuff their noses with the vaccine. How do the fat cats line jump to the front while clinics and hospitals wait in vain for their allotment? Does Wall Street not realize they are polarizing themselves even more with this news, or do they care? Are their valuable executives more important to the country than the average man on the street, do they deserve to be saved from a virus outbreak before a carpenter, teacher or housewife? Who would we need if we had to rebuild the country from scratch a construction worker or an executive? Fuck the executives the only dirt on their hands is from counting and recounting our bailout money.  The black eye is still visible and fresh in our minds from the last batch of Wall Street bonuses now this is a kick in the balls for Americans. I know the business of America is business but what would the founding fathers say today? probably  "Oh no, this is not what we created what have we done."


  1. Damn those people, they will be the end of us all.

  2. Saus. Were the corporations named in the news? I feel a botcott coming on.

  3. The actual corps were mentioned in the story and they are the some of the biggest and baddest in the land. They will remain nameless in this blog since I don't want the black suburbans cruising in front of the house or even and IRS audit. What's that noise outside, oh shit I have said to much got to go.....