Monday, October 24, 2016

Instant mashed potatoes and other foolhardy ideas

Seems like it's been a while, a few years have passed since my last post and still I have nothing to say but I am trying.

I receive several emails yearly from old blog pals inquiring about my status and wondering if I am currently daisy fodder or wearing stripes. The truth is that I stopped reading and writing completely. At the time of my past posts I was finishing a book per week and had a journal full of scribbles and writings filled.  Life, as it does for most changes and mine did back then. I will not bother you with the dreich or dribble of it, but please know that I thought of many of you often.

Recently after moving house, I found my old writing journal and was flooded with emotions of both pleasure and pain. The pleasure of discovering the old leather bound notebook, accompanied with the utter pain of knowing that it had been barren for years still filled with the throbbing contents of my head. 
Fast forward to now and yours truly is mired in busy. Running a business, raising two teenagers, taking care of an elderly live in family member and coaching multiple teams, etc...

Finding the old journal gave pause to a life most hectic, a life plugged in to societal demands that requires coin and membership. I turned to the last page to see what I had written and in July 2013 the last journal entry in the newly found leather bound journal was:


Folks, that is all for now.
Sausage Fingers.....


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  2. Well, you'se are still alive!
    I'm still here, sort of, the big fella has withdrawn from the interwebs.. I miss the Fecker.
    Good to see you here.

  3. Map, it's good to hear from you! All the best to yer gang. Imagine the big yin is soaking up the sun somewhere less damp than Glasgow.

  4. Hi Stranger! How nice that you are still around :-)

    1. Pat,
      Still around not writing much but I'm working on that.

  5. Lovely to see you again, sweetpea! Thanks for stopping by on my daughter's birthday post! It seems many of us have either slowed down with our blogging or quit altogether! I've fallen into the hit or miss blogging style. Glad you're back and things are okay with you and yours. xoxox

  6. Hey pal, how's things?

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